Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, I know there has been a bit of a hiatus in my blogging since way before Christmas so it's high time that I picked up where I left off. I hope you all had a good break, if you had one. We had a lovely long holiday at home and it was tough going back to work in January. The Etsy shop was busy with sales up to Christmas - much to my surprise - so I was kept busy wrapping and posting vintage goodies across the world. Now I need to find the time to list some more of my vintage treasures. I've got some wonderful things stashed away so more on those later.
In the meantime I've found myself becoming hooked on a new craft. I have plans afoot for a new Etsy shop, provided my experimentation works out ok! I'm having lots of fun but there's a lot to learn. I'll tell you more about this as we go - for now I'll just say it involves a lot of mixing, colouring and gold leaf. Such fun!
Hope all those in good old blighty are enjoying the snow - take care on those icy roads and pavements and remember to feed the little birdies!