Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Farewell my lovely

The first time we met TD we knew he was a very special little fella. TD was so much fun to have around. He always made us smile, whatever was happening to us at the time. Our little boy saw us through good times and not so good - but however rotten we felt we couldn't resist his innocent joy at the start of every day. There was no moping around in bed when TD wanted to have his breakfast and go for a walk!

We feel so privileged to have shared his last years: giving him bubble wrap to pop and yoghurt pots to lick out; rubbing his nose when it itched and stroking his chest when he wanted soothing; driving him to a quiet spot on bonfire night so he wouldn't be scared of the fireworks; snuggling with him under the covers on cold winter nights; and holding his little paws while he slept between us on the sofa.

He touched so many people's hearts and the hole he's left in our lives is a measure of how wonderful he was to know. The sadness of nursing him when he was poorly and finally of helping him on his way will take a long time to heal but the wonderful memories we have of him are making us smile and laugh. He's still cheering us up when we need it. 

We loved you so much TD - farewell our lovely boy.