Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Faded beauty

Call me weird but I've always enjoyed the faded beauty of wilted flowers. Yes, they're stunning when in full bloom and the scent is often glorious but their slow journey to the compost heap is inevitable and I enjoy this bit just as much. It's probably just me but flowers seem to spend more time on the mantle in a jar that's run out of water, gradually drying up, than they do looking marvellous after I've just bought them.

Daffodils are everywhere at the moment and a very welcome sign of spring at last. I took this picture when my first bunch of the season had been sitting around a while and the petals had begun to turn crispy like delicate tissue paper. I've tinkered with the photo in Photoshop Elements to try and give it a more 'painterly' quality. I'm still working my way through Photoshop Elements for Dummies - one methodical chapter at a time. However, sometimes that's just not doing it for me so I sit and fiddle with various buttons. The result was this little study of faded beauty. Technically, they may be past their prime but to me they are just lovely.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ball optional

Need some earrings for every day wear or perhaps a bit of sparkle to liven up your life? These little beauties would look good with a sweater and jeans so no need to put on your ball gown to take these out!

New additions to my Etsy shop that are inspired by vintage jewellery and made with vintage rhinestones, opal glass and chandelier parts. 

Introducing Gabriella - Bethany - Mabel - and Agneta.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Seeing infrared

Since I watched Soy Cuba a few weeks ago, a 1960s film by Mikhail Kalatozov, I've had a thing for infrared photography. Watch it if you haven't already - it's stunning to look at. At first I wasn't sure how he achieved the effect - white palm trees and sugar cane with dark dark skies - so a bit of googling and I discovered he used infrared film obtained from the Soviet Military and mixed it with black and white. There are lots of other things that make this film so good, not least the amazing tracking shots, but it's truly visually ravishing.

Infrared has an 'other worldly' quality that brings out something special in plants and foliage. I particularly love this photo by Sherri Conley, used in my last Etsy Treasury, where everything looks touched with the most glorious hoar frost. I'm still very much a beginner with Photoshop Elements but was very chuffed to see the option to create 'infrared' photos. I'm sure there are huge differences in quality when compared to the real thing but already I can tell this is an option that will be well used by me! A little bit of tinkering and I managed to transform a photograph taken today in the wonderful Spring sunshine (above), whilst keeping some of the colour on the main flower. I can't wait to use this on some of the photos I took last weekend at a manor in Buckinghamshire!